CFR via Hein

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) from inception in 1938 through the 1983 edition is now available from HeinOnline (http://www.heinonline.org/). For your information, the archival editions of CFR are available ONLY from 1984 in Westlaw and from 1981 in LexisNexis.
We do subscribe to HeinOnline. Visit our home page at http://www.lawlib.duq.edu/ and click on LEGAL RESEARCH TOOLS (left side of the page) and follow the HeinOnline link.

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The Center for Legal Information (the Center) serves as a gateway to legal information, and a quiet and inspiring environment for your study and research. Our web site provides you with comprehensive and in-depth links to our on-line catalog, our subscription databases, and official and critical unofficial legal sites on the Internet. It is fair to say that you have all the legal information resources you need for your study and research at the Center.

Now, we are adding a new service which will help you stay abreast of the newest developments in legal information and legal research skills. It is called DuqLawWire. On a regular basis, we will send to your email account the latest developments and news alerts in the Center and the legal information world: on services, research tips and other vital information that may help your study and research.
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FLARE Website

Legal research guides and legal gazettes of several foreign countries are available in PDF or Word format from FLARE project's Foreign Legal Research Web site.